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Measure your ROI in more than just dollars.

They say you can’t mix business with pleasure. We disagree.

We've launched a crowdfunding campaign to do just that.


Puptimize was founded on the principle that we could blend our love of dogs with a scalable business capable of helping millions of people looking for an easier way to be great pet parents.


When it comes to raising a dog, most people have more questions than answers—so we created a solution for them. We use technology to deliver the tools and guidance pet parents need, tailored to each owner and dog.


While our goal is to make it easy for everyone to raise a great dog, our mission is much more significant.


Every year, a shockingly high number of dogs are given up and given away—nearly 4 million dogs end up in shelters in the U.S. alone. While rescues are on the front lines doing amazing work to treat the immediate problem, Puptimize is working to treat the root cause of this epidemic.


We believe that by creating a world full of knowledgeable, confident pet parents raising happy, well-behaved dogs, we can help end this tragic cycle of canine abandonment.


In working with our many rescue partners, we’ve seen how passionate so many people are about dogs and how much they want to help us solve this problem.


That’s why we’re excited to invite you to participate in our crowdfunding campaign through SeedInvest, an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in a great startup.


Click the button below to learn how you can invest in Puptimize and join us in our mission to help these lovable animals.

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